Think of leather as your extra layer of skin. Treat it right and it will look stunning for many years.

Leather is a marvelous and versatile material. A great thing about leather is that it’ll develop character and patina over time which will bring soul to your leather product.

For an in-depth cleaning of leather we recommend professional dry cleaning.


  • Before you take your leather product in use, impregnate it with a protect spray. Make sure it’s compatible with leather. Use the protect spray 2-3 times yearly.
  • Leather jackets should be kept dry. Avoid wearing it in rainy weather. If it does get wet, hang it out to dry.
  • Never dry your leather with a tumble- or hair dryer.
  • Never leave your jacket folded for a long time. Use a hanger and hang it correctly.
  • Keep your jacket away from heat, so the leather doesn’t dry out.
  • Use leather conditioner or cream to prolong your leather products' life.
  • You can clean spots with a slightly damp cloth.
  • For suede products use a suede brush to brush off dirt and dust.

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MDK leather types

We use a variety of leather materials in order to make the best products. Regular lamb, thin lamb, regular cow, heavy cow and suede leather.

Most of our products are made of genuine lamb leather. It's widely known for its soft, delicate and light material, which makes it really comfortable to wear. The leather is finely grained which makes the leather look smooth.

We use regular lamb leather and thin lamb leather.

  • Regular is what most of our classic jackets are made of. The material is perfect if you want a smooth and elegant look. Check out the City Biker Leather Jacket
  • Thin is delicate and stretchy. The thin style is used for jackets, dresses and shirts. Our thin jackets can be worn indoors and in warmer weather. Check out the Seattle New Thin Leather Jacket  

Cow leather is firm, durable and long-lasting. This leather type is heavier and stiffer than lamb leather. Cow leather is heavy grained which easily can be seen on the surface.

We use regular cow leather and heavy cow leather.

  • Regular is heavier than lamb leather but smoother and lighter than heavy cow leather. 
  • Heavy is traditionally used for making motorcycle jackets because of the thick and protective material. It's firm and heavy to wear. Check out the Seattle Cow Leather Jacket

Suede is more sensitive than other leather types. It’s made from the underside of the animal skin. Suede is not as strong and durable as other leather types. Our suede is made from genuine lamb leather. Check out the Viola Suede Jacket.